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151 votes

Dear Stack Exchange: a statement and a letter from your moderators

46 votes

Did Upper Management ignore the growing tension in the TL that resulted in Monica's being axed?

39 votes

Checking in with the Lavender community

23 votes

Let's say they reinstate Monica. What then?

18 votes

Does the community consider the "coerced speech" complaint largely resolved?

18 votes

Why did this question make it onto HNQ?

18 votes

New top bar is live

11 votes

New Resources for Our Stack Exchange Network

7 votes

Updated comment flagging - Supporting the new Code of Conduct

6 votes

If someone is hurt by a literary reference, should it be removed?

3 votes

Welcome Stack Overflow Valued Associate #599, Catherine Kuck AKA Catija!

3 votes

Are other sites (besides MSE) growing inactive?

2 votes

Is using reputation to scale the number of close votes the best way?

1 vote

Create "flagged comments" review queue