fr_andres SupportsMonicaCellio

Note: I am closely following the Monica Cellio affair as a case study to decide if I'll stay active here. I expect SE to be community-driven, transparent and fair and I see that as a condition to keep giving back and contributing.

Given the last few weeks' events, this is clearly not being the case. Monica is left with going to court as the only way to defend her dignity. Consider supporting her cause via a GoFundMe page that you can easily find via Google and whose link I am not allowed to post.

Update 2: well, due to all of this I put up my own website and will move most of my activity there. Feel free to take a look!

All the code snippets I post on Stack Overflow are licensed under CC0 [¹], unless otherwise specified, so feel totally free to use at wish!

[¹](This does not in any way contradict the site policy of licensing everything under CC-Wiki; it simply gives users even more freedom. In particular, you are not obliged to link back to SO when you use my code snippets.)

You can write me to aferro at ".".join(["em", "uni-frankfurt", "de"]) (run in Python).

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