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A Moose, Some Silly Putty ... And A Desperate Plea For Help
64 votes

Work In Progress Earn at least 250 reputation on a website without a design. The hat is finished the name is Work In Progress :P The initials could be changed to whatever the site you have the hat ...

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A Moose, Some Silly Putty ... And A Desperate Plea For Help
11 votes

Mother of Work In Progress Earn 200 reputation on 5 Stack Exchanges with no designs To make this hat: Make 15 work in progress hats Staple then all together in a huge mess. Cry over the amount of time ...

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Should I post an answer to my own question if the answer is obtained in the comment section?
Accepted answer
3 votes

Yes you can self answer but... Tell the person who commented that that is correct and if they want to put it in an answer they can/should. If they don't respond or just don't answer then I would just ...

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Found an old question with bad links in the answers. What do I do?
1 votes

First check the wayback machine (web archive) to see if it has an archive of the website. Or you can flag the answer as a mod flag and explain that it should be removed (answer or question as needed)

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Is it a bad practice to just include the question in the title?
0 votes

Yes I see no reason why this should be even debated about

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Six simple tips to get Stack Overflow reputation fast
-1 votes

Not formating And Spalling well (incoroect)[hyperlionks] And general usessness Of {posts}(0)

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Encourage active users to edit Hot Questions, especially titles
-4 votes

A reputation bonus for getting a accepted edit on the title would make me edit them. Like effective.altruistUtoo said have them get reviewed. The rep bonus could be from 2-5 rep for the title 2-5 rep ...

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