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A big thank you, Tim Post
15 votes

Tim, I haven't been particularly active in the last year or so but I wanted to come back and thank you for the part you've played not just in my moderatorship but in inspiring me to be better in all ...

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Show off your hats! (2018 edition)
15 votes

I'm hoping that our Christmas party involves some go-karting! I'm secretly just proud that this hat makes it look like I can grow facial hair... ;)

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Time for some more swag!
14 votes

Sorry it took me such a long time... So, I had trouble working out what I could do with the theme of time. Once I had an idea it took me a week to try it out. My first attempt failed so I had to ...

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New swag for Stack Overflow's 10th birthday: wear-ables or desk-ables?
12 votes

A Jon Skeet Bobblehead figure. Much like this kind of thing but with more rep, SE logos and more unicorns: This would definitely start conversations at my desk.

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Where to ask my question on moving petting-zoo goats?
Accepted answer
10 votes

As @Rene pointed out, you can just rephrase it to fit within the scope of Pets. You may wish to point out that you have no 'long-term' control over these goats (ie - you can't train them because you'...

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Welcome Stack Overflow Valued Associate #599, Catherine Kuck AKA Catija!
9 votes

Congratulations, Catija! When I first discovered that you'd got the job I was really pleased but certainly not surprised. For context, I've only been a mod for about 11 months. One of the best parts ...

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Time for a "thank you"!
2 votes

Hooray! Now I can tell the time! The watch I normally wear had to be sent away to be repaired but this one arrived right on time (groan, sorry) to be my second (groan) watch! I just wanted to take a ...

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