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Zero the Hero is the mythological character central to the musical trilogy "Radio Gnome Invisible" by the UK-based-European-enhanced psychedelic progressive rock band Gong.

I am a fan of the trilogy, which contains masterpieces such as Isle of Everywhere. The album “You” was ranked by Rolling Stones as 38th best prog rock album of all times. I also quite like some later percussion-oriented albums, as such Time is the Key.

For good measure I'm also a fan of the Gong-inspired band Ozric Tentacles, of jazz-fusion style (see this clip of Stratus by Billy Cobham with Novecento), some of the work by Steve Reich (especially Music for 18 Musicians) and vocal music of Ockenghem, Josquin des Prez or Thomas Tallis .

My avatar is a picture of a creature from Planet Gong.

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