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I love coffee, games and anime.

I enjoy travelling with my wife, hanging out with friends, and specially throwing parties/barbecues at home and making sure everyone feels at home too.

I’m a software developer with over 8 years of experience, working with different technologies, environments and languages, mostly .NET and Angular.

I have implemented DevOps on GitLab CI using the serverless framework to deploy infrastructure as code on AWS, deploying static frontend on S3 served by CloudFront + Route 53, AWS Lambda functions with SQS, API Gateway and DynamoDB triggers, configuring VPC, RDS and using X-Ray for tracing.

I also implemented Azure DevOps pipelines (CI/CD) from scratch in two companies, on of them using a pool of on-premises servers as build and deployment agents.

I’m currently learning Terraform, Jenkins and Kubernetes. I'm also improving my skills in AWS Security.

As an active Stack Overflow member, I spend some of my free time answering, editing, flagging and reading interesting QAs. I think it's a good way to learn and exchange knowledge. I also like coding when I'm learning from platforms such as Pluralsight/Coursera/Udemy and playing around with AWS or Azure.

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