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26 votes

What's the best of Stack?

2 votes

Why has Community's profile picture changed?

5 votes

Changing the question reopening experience

5 votes

Can we have a UTC clock in the chat?

15 votes

How Can One Report A Moderator?

11 votes

What site is valid for challenging evolution?

21 votes

Does the SE network have an effective process in place to deal with aggressively toxic users?

21 votes

Why was the feeds user renamed to "Check for incoherent ramblings and crackpotism"?

19 votes

Require close voters to continually interact with questions they voted to close

3 votes

Can we post an answer and refuse to respond to comments or do edits?

0 votes

What is the appropriate Stack Exchange site for questions about font editing?

17 votes

Avoid "shipping" news on a Friday evening