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By day: ASIC design verification engineer.

Started programming in 1972 with the HP 9830A desktop computer. The physics department bought it the year before but didn't know what it was so it was essentially my personal machine for a year. It had a cassette tape for mass storage and a x y plotter as output device. The plotter could be used as a printer. It was the equivalent to a modern personal computer except smaller and slower. Result? I was addicted to personal computers 9 years before the IBM-PC appeared and 12 years before the Macintosh. The first computer I owned was KIM-1, the first single board computer. It had 2k of ram. I/O was a hex keypad and display. The Kim had everything bigger computers did but again slower and smaller. I coded directly in machine language assembling my code on paper. I understood that machine in detail. So then I understood the guts of how computers worked. I didn't know it but I was training to be an embedded control programmer before the field existed. Eventually I discovered people would actually pay me to work on my hobby. Now I own so many computers I've lost track; from a Macbook Pro with 16 gig down to countless arduino clones and Raspberry PIs. I'm building the "Internet of Steve" around me. It always knows where I am, keeps track of things for me and generally helps me out. I have written software in over 30 languages including 3 hardware design languages used for digital logic.

My handle is zencuke. That works on Github, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other places.

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