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BY DAY: I'm a programmer enthusiast that hopes one day it's my job as well. My main languages are C# by choice, PHP and JavaScript by experience. I have a couple small game ideas I'm slowly working on in Unity. Whatever I do though, I'm dedicated and diligent, and a bit of a perfectionist. Currently I work as a temp, mostly assisting in some form of manual labor odd jobs. I have experience with a CNC waterjet machinist, assistant to a cabinet maker, and French's Fried Onions factory worker and 2nd lead.

BY NIGHT: ...I sleep :P

FOR FUN: I make chainmail (NOT chain letters, mind you!) play video games, read dragon/fantasy novels, occasionally watch movies, and when I can, LARP. I make both armor and jewelry out of chainmail, using galvanized fence wire for armor, and anodized aluminum for jewelry. My latest project is a shiny green/gold scalemail vest that I love. :D My favorite video game genres are RPG, strategy, FPS, and puzzle, though I mostly play really old stuff. My favorite movie genres are horror (though not gore-fests like Saw), pretty much anything CGI, epics, and action. I think the scariest thing I ever saw in a movie though, was Bilbo, in the 2nd LOTR movie! I STILL remember the goosebumps I got from that! X'D

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