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Javad Bayat
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I'm a prospective programmer. Currently programming isn't my job. I just do it for fun. I love coding with C++ (using Win32 and COM), and also HTML and Javascript (for making HTA programs). In HTAs, I can use links, images, forms, tables, filters and transitions .etc as well as various automation objects like FileSystemObject, wshShell, SpVoice, Shell, .etc. In Win32/COM, I'm familiar with Pipes, Resources, Services, Processes And Threads, RPC, .etc. I hope I will become professional at Win32 Programming so that I can create a complete engaging computer game with C++. I don't like to use Game Engines like Unity or Scratch to create games because a team of programmers has made efforts to create a game engine, and I don't want to use their efforts. Rather I want to make my own efforts to create my computer game.

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