Sonic the Anonymous Hedgehog

An advocate for inclusivity for users throughout the network. Also, a very curious user with a deep interest in the inner workings of the Stack Exchange network.

A quick note regarding my feature ideas: Quite a few people have complained that some of my feature ideas are only suitable on meta sites and don't make much sense on main sites. As this site is my primary site in the Stack Exchange network, some of my feature ideas may therefore be biased toward this specific site or meta sites in general. I also believe that this site is a proper community and should be moderated just like one; I understand some people may not think of this site in a similar way.

I previously joined this site in 2013, but deleted my old account for personal reasons. Since 2014, however, I edited this site anonymously, ramping up my edits in 2017. Overall, I contributed more than 300 anonymous edits to this site, mostly updating outdated answers. To this day, I still spend a lot of my time on this site curating the answers and ensuring they are up to date.

I may change my username from time to time, but I can always be pinged by "Sonic". My canonical username is "Sonic the Anonymous Hedgehog", but on occasion I've changed it either for fun (occasionally to follow onto name changes from my Team Dark counterpart) or for advocacy:

  • Sonic the Anonymous WizHog
  • Sonic the Bracketed Hedgehog
  • Sonic the Inclusive Hedgehog
  • Sonic the Inclusive Werehog
  • Sonic the Introverted Hedgehog
  • Sonic the Reinstate Monica-hog
  • Sonic the Wizard Werehog
  • Sonic Wizard
  • Ano

(I briefly ceased adopting witty usernames as a result of Monica Cellio's termination, but as she has since come to an agreement with SE, I'm once again on my usual cycle.

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