Sitecore Sam

Sitecore MVP Technology 2019-2020 | Sitecore Certified | Full Stack .NET Developer | Consulting Architect | Co-Founder @SUGPAK | Photographer & Music lover

Dedicated, Enthusiastic and Experienced Web Development Professional working across various platforms & Microsoft technologies. Highly self-motivated and adaptable. Have a proven capability to work under pressure both as an individual and as a team along with being responsible to be a core player. 10+ years’ experience pursuing a successful career in Web development and finding new challenges and solutions to meet the needs of customers.

C#, ASP .Net, Sitecore, SXA, JSS, Angular JS, React JS, JavaScript, jQuery, UI/UX

  • Working with Sitecore and SXA projects, as a Sitecore Developer
  • Provide assistance and technical guidance to fellow team.
  • Understating and implementing architectural and best programmatic practices
  • Delivering the cutting edge solutions for UI Development and usability, manage overall project from initial UI architecture to backend integration including platforms like Sitecore & Umbraco.
  • Automating the process of UI development for better, faster and accurate results.
  • Custom jQuery and User friendly experience for web apps and optimizing the overall app.
  • Branding, Prototyping, Development Strategy, Design, Conception and Creative direction.

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