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Hi Folks,

Richa this side from Ahmedabad, India, having hands on experience in building Android Apps from scratch! I've been into Android app development from past 4+ years and have completed wide range of large scale projects with 100% quality work. Some of the key areas where I am strongest at --

Kotlin, Java, Dependency Injection(Koin,Hilt) , Databinding, MVVM Live Data, Navigation, Multi-module architecture, Single Activity approach IOT Over MQTT, Network Service Discovery( IOT Over HTTP) Debugging, Troubleshooting Clevertap, Mix Panel, Firebase Quality Management Azure Devops CI/CD Unit Testing, Espresso Testing

I am well aware of Jetpack architecture Components, know SQLite, Room and REST web service to store, retrieve and display data in the mobile applications.I have learnt Flutter and Jetpack compose over the past few months.

Last but not the least, thank you very much for having a quick look at my LinkedIn profile!

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