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please don't assume I admire cotton mathers, that was a joke, but I do admire Stellan Skarsgard, that is a serious comment. My maturity control is sporadic I have chronological & contextual disabilities.

I guess it really should be counter intuitive to expect people to like for full stop.

And fair enough I am not very likeable, in an ideal world this is irrelevant if we are all brought together by a common love of mathematics.

And this is of course why we are lead to believe the website functions in the many it does, only trouble I get is when I leave my study to venture out and into the real world, and I am reminded every which way imaginable that these passions are worthless to the society I am surrounded by, along with every other ideal I hold dear, and I ought to just pull rank, cease believing in something too good to ever be true.

I had no business even hoping for such things in the first place, the freedom to think and roam as I please

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