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But you can find me on TOPTEX

It is born. Have a look at May be a possible alternative for SE?

TOPTEX is public!!

Pachakadal Neelakasham Chuvanna Bhoomi (Blue Skies, Green Waters, Red Earth)

Migrated to Lua for good!

Any code or in general anything of mine that I publish or have published previously on TeX.SE is free as in "free of charge" and "freedom". You can claim it as yours. No attribution or permission is needed.

May the source be with you.


I thank everyone who helped me design my Falcon. A special thanks goes to @Phelype Oleinik, @marmot and @Max.

Disclaimer: All opinion presented anywhere on any of the SEs is my personal opinion, unless I explicitly state something different in a particular post.

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