My name is Goran Ilic and I was born on August 14, 1974 in Zemun,country Serbia.For the last 10 years I have lived in Novi Sad, also in Serbia. It is the fourth year that I have been studying web development.I started with HTML and CSS and after a few months I included the basics of PHP.After talking and testing at one company 2 years ago, I started to learn the basics of Javascript, From then until today I have continued to improve Javascript and together with it I have constantly worked to strengthen English language skills. The way I started learning web development is interesting, just over 3 years ago my cousin attended online web development, he quit the topic a few months later and I started following those lectures and was immediately hooked. I always liked difficult topics to think about, before I started learning web development when I had the opportunity to choose between two video games I always chose a difficult thought game, yes, I adored football manager because it is one of the hardest games. However, when I started learning web development, especially Javascript, I realized that Javascript is a harder and more interesting "game" than football manager, and until today I am in it. I also love sports, especially football and basketball.Unfortunately, I can't play it live because of a leg injury I experienced 9 years ago. Today, my main goal in strengthening knowledge is to become a MERN stack developer one day.

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