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Hey there, I'm the Lead minister for ReNewed Covenant Ministry (RNCM) and evangelical Kingdom out reach program which offers our local Church Sabbath Bible Studies, as well as other Apologetic resources to defend the biblical message offered in the New Covenant Gospel to those on-line. My life revolves around being ready to give an answer 1st for my self to YHWH GOD and 2nd to give an answer to every one who want to know why I have Faith in Christ my LORD. The Churches I am associated with consider them selves Theonomic Reformed By the Torah, differing from more mainstream 'Reformed theology' in our belief that the Law of God is the Perfect rule for Christian life in worship. The message I preach is neo-puritanical in that the purifying of the Church of Christ by a more consistent understanding of God's Law (Torah) in an obedient form has been abandoned. The infallibility and inerrancy of Scripture Alone as the WORD of God is a paramount element of Faith as it this standard which reveales the very person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God as revealed in the Son of Man (Adam), and an accurate understanding of the Man Jesu(s) Christ is the pattern for a Christian's life. The WORD of God is the final authority over man's traditions in all generations, if a doctrine or covenant differs from the Law, Prophets, Wisdom-Writings, and Histories of Israel in conjunction with the revelation of the New Testament of the WORD becoming Flesh: Christ's perfect life, death by wicked hands and foreknowledge of God, and the Power of his resurrection beside the Acts and Epistles of the Apostles it is not sound doctrine to look to. Grace and Peace

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