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Love ❤️ Google

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Something about ME related to SO

  • I don't down-vote answers, but yes, I leave a comment if the answer is not good.

  • I hate when people down-vote and don't leave a comment for doing that

  • I also hate those OPs who fail to mark any answer accepted or follow up if no answer is good - you should speak up - core reason for this site to exist

  • I appreciate people who up-vote and guide well


A talented Software Engineer specializing in Procedural, Object-Oriented Programming, MVC, Web, Mobile, Desktop, Embedded Systems.

If u feel like getting in touch, drop a comment tagging me on any of my answers or question....(I am very chatty, so expect a 100% reply :D )


Inspired by Justin Trudeau & Sundar Pichai

Thanks for visiting my profile.

Regards, Aslam :) aslamanver

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