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I've been studying at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia from 2008 to 2012. After that and additional 6 years of doing manual labour (wood cutting and later roofing) I finally decided, to do what I loved since I found out about it - programming.

2021 (June)

PHP 8.x rocks! Still hadn't gotten around with Laravel much, because the company wasn't ready for the move to the framework, and I'm really short on time in my private life with my partner, family, chess, sudoku-variant puzzles and sports. Partially rewritten our backend for websites using a MVC structure. Started with more and more OOP this year.

I figured out GIT and made a GIT server with self-hosted GitLab for our company (basically forced everyone to start using it).

Figured out SASS and modularized our styling sources, for them to later be compiled into one bundle. Did pretty much the same thing for scripts using tsconfig.json, but still staying with ES6 vanilla JavaScript and not writing any TypeScript.

The most improvement made for our websites' discoverability was in the last two months when I dived deep into modern SEO rules (including multi-language). Creating my own Route class (imitating that of Laravel) helped with that a lot, along with dissecting all our spaghetti code into MVC. Using Lighthouse on I've upped our game for Performance/Accessibility/Best Practices/SEO from 20-70/40-50/50-70/40-60 to 80-95/100/100/100 every time. Feels like an achievement.

2020 (July)

SO. MUCH. TO. LEARN. I've been using ECMAScript6+ for the last half a year, and dropped jQuery completely. Also improving my understanding and usage of Three.js library. PHP-wise I'm adopting the latest versions (currently 7.4) and eagerly awaiting PHP 8.

Not the least mentioning-worth skill I'm improving on is Laravel (with no prior knowledge).

Oh, and I keep forgetting my projects in Xamarin.Forms (XAML, C#) - I make them work, but not really sure how. Oops.

2019 (March)

I've gathered loads of experiences in HTML, CSS, PHP and JS, but the more I know, the more I see how clueless I am. As I develop web applications I further develop myself and will continue to do so in the future.

2018 (September)

I was lucky enough for a company called 8000plus d.o.o. to hire me without any experiences or knowledge, just based on my personality and whom I presented myself as - an enthusiast who will programme with or without them.

Hopefully I'll remember to update this description every year.

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