Engineer Ishrat Hussain

Shalom to All Brothers & Sisters and to all good humans.

I was continuously in search of truth, for the last 35 years, then I explored all religions and Judaism attracted me more since a very long time, Then I studied it, and then I found that only Judaism and Islam both are Clean and pure religions, I am a follower of the seven commandments of Noah, & I am having natural Pantheistic thoughts, I condemn any kind of Avodah Zarah, I believe that there exists (God) Hashem, & Torah Talmud & Quran were a guidance to primitive civilizations, in modern era Reason is the Final guidance along with them both, eternally & by default gifted to intelligent beings, and the resources of heavens and earth are for the deserving intellectuals, personally I admire Rambam (Maimonides) for his unmatched contribution in seferim, he is the Imam Abu Hanifa of Judaism, I have an interest in science and I am Electronics Engineer by profession and a nice man by nature, it is my creed That Live peacefully with justice and use reason only.