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  • الزبير، العراق

I am a 16-year old Boy born on June 16, 2006. I love Games and the first-ever game I ever played was Super Mario Bros. I am a very shy And I am considered to be a "very quiet" kid. in fact So quiet that I didn't speak my first word until I became 4 years old. no Just kidding I was Mute for 4 years. I like video games a lot and have a preference For music And generally like Rythmic Music More Than Music With Lyrics. I can Speak Two Languages Notably Arabic and English. I Currently Live in Zubair, Basrah, Iraq. The Only Games Which I played on A console Are {Tetris, Grand theft auto: San Andreas, Super Mario Bros., King Of Fighters: Maximum Impact Regulation A, And a few others...}

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