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I'm John Christman and I'm a self taught software engineer and game developer with nearly 5 years experience programming rather complicated topics for fun whilst I look for work. I didn't get the chance to go to University out of school because my family couldn't afford it and unfortunately still cannot, so I decided to pick up a trade myself. Of which, I chose to pursue systems programming and game development.

I started my self-teaching with web development and web technologies. I started with the traditional HTML, CSS, JavaScript that most of us learn when we're just entering the field. Shortly after, I started pursuing high order languages like Java, C#, and C/C++. I started trying to transition myself from web development into these more complex languages by using Razor C#. Learning to program websites with the Razor C# embedded HTML syntax helped me grasp at these high order languages, from which point I jumped straight to learning Java and C#.

Around this time in my life, I started finding what I really wanted to do. I enjoyed web development but I wanted to put it aside to learn other things. I started wanting to develop games. And at that point a lot of things became clear. I had to learn more complex topics along with the high order languages. I ended up purchasing many books and reading them to learn about the topics I needed. Among the list were specifically: game engines, rendering engines, and even game physics. These complex topics pushed me to start more toy projects, some of which have been very successful and I'm pursuing turning them into open source projects. I had to learn extensively about the hardware my code was going to run on, Assembly syntax, performance testing, profiling, debugging, optimization, the whole 9-yards.

Ever since I learned these things and been applying them to enhance my knowledge, I joined some personal projects between friends and some other developers, of which I'm currently leading the programming of a AAA level indie game for an infant game studio. I've toyed with projects dealing with procedural terrain generation, high performance rendering, compilers, some artificial intelligence, and recently I'm looking into embedded systems programming and building little machines and real-time operating systems.

Because of the knowledge I've gained, I've been desperately looking for work in the software engineering/development field with absolutely no luck. In response to this I decided to go back to my roots a bit and work on a personal portfolio website to host my projects on and use as a little dev-log about the things I work on. In an attempt to attract employers.

That's me~

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