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63 votes

Question banning should work differently on Meta

47 votes

Code blocks after a list, but not within a list in markdown. Is it possible?

40 votes

Feedback post: Moderator review and reinstatement processes

28 votes

Make voting activity on your posts available on site metas (what you would get from rep if metas had rep)

27 votes

All Stack Exchange data dumps

26 votes

Should users edit other users' posts to correct grammar and spelling problems?

24 votes

Make first draft of a new answer part of the permanent revision history

20 votes

Force Accepted Answers on Questions by Inactive Users

19 votes

Please let users opt out of the "frequented tag" system

18 votes

Yesterday? Wow... Did I go back in time?

17 votes

Enable (up) voting in question lists?

17 votes

Boycotting The Loop will not help

17 votes

Put restrictions in place for users who abuse/misuse custom close reasons

16 votes

Useless low entropy answers on SO

15 votes

Line breaks/paragraphs for bounty text

14 votes

A call for emergency moderation/tools on the sites that most need it

14 votes

Please preserve spaces before punctuation in title. At least unbreakable ones

13 votes

Should golden badges be awarded with some rep points?

13 votes

Why would you want to do that? or I can't see any reason to do that

13 votes

A Proposal for More Constructive Downvoting on Meta: Express Disagreement by Answering the Question

12 votes

Is it spam to serial-edit posts related to your product?

11 votes

Remember when Stack Exchange and the Community worked side-by-side to "make the Internet a better place"? Can we go back to this please?

11 votes, including, blocked for Sky Broadband users in the UK

11 votes

"This answer is no longer consistent with the current version of the question."

10 votes

Can we become our own "Northwind" for teaching SQL / databases?

9 votes

What is the most controversial answer on Stack Overflow?

9 votes

Automatically upvote questions you answer - Unless you say otherwise

8 votes

Reverse the [php5.2] → [php52] synonym

8 votes

Are answers that just contain a regular expression pattern really “good answers”?

7 votes

How to delete comment if it seems abuse?

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