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I create difficult puzzles, that have unique solutions and it is essential to think in a creative way in order to solve them.

Feel free to write to [email protected] if you are interested in these puzzles.

There is a drawback posting these puzzles on a forum where the majority of users actually do exercises, by solving their preferred type of puzzles they already know how to solve. Since my problems are difficult, only a few people have the capacity to find the correct answer.

With time and motivation however this can take a positive turn. But it is not garanteed to everybody. Consequently, after a while, some people will start to blame the quality of the question. That is an understandable human behaviour. However, downvoting in a form of chain reaction and lot of irrelevant comments will make the surface practically unreadable and not appealing to those people (not yet mentioned) who possess the potential ability to come up with the correct answer.

This "project" has the following aims: 1. After solving the puzzle one will acquire a new knowledge one did not possess before, one also acquires the knowledgeof a new skill how to acquire new knowledge through this process. 2. To incite creative and sometimes offbeat ways of thinking. 3. To develop skills how to use internet as a large collection of raw material one has to navigate through while maintaining critical thinking. 4.The motivation to get closer to other people through solving puzzles, which I think is an effective way and possibly could have a positive effect of formation of interpersonal attitudes in everyday life too.

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