Kevin Cotreau, 58, from New Hampshire, USA. USCF Master for over 30 years, peak rating 2298.

If I answer your question, I always upvote your question (although sometimes I forget initially, but check periodically to make sure that I have by going through all the questions I have answered).

I was on ICC for more than 20 years, so many people know me from there.

P.S. My handle has nothing to do with the crime of phishing, nor the band, "Phish", which I had never heard of at the time I first created my handle.

I created the handle back in 1997 for the Internet Chess Club, and the term "phishing" was still in its infancy, and I had not yet heard of it. A "fish" is a weak chess player, and it was a little joke about being weak among my fellow Chess Masters. I just decided to spell it that way on a lark. I have since heard from many people asking me if I am a Phish fan, but sadly, still not.

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