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786 votes

Are answers that just contain links elsewhere really "good answers"?

315 votes

Ban LMGTFY (let me google that for you) links

209 votes

Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

137 votes

What should the standard spelling be - British or US?

85 votes

Is it appropriate to comment on people's accept rate?

78 votes

An "urgent" tag for questions that need answers within minutes

70 votes

Area 51 Suspension Queue

59 votes

Dealing with questions of nefarious intent

54 votes

What happens when Jon Skeet's reputation exceeds the limit for the data type holding it?

52 votes

Does Stack Exchange have a "Verified Account" feature?

50 votes

Is "Don't do it" a valid answer?

45 votes

The "I Get It" Reputation Problem

34 votes

Indicate How Trustworthy the UpVotes Are

33 votes

Remove the 25% requirement from the "Unsung Hero" gold badge

33 votes

Add the ability to ignore users

32 votes

Was the Unsung Hero a bad idea to implement?

31 votes

Mark questions to receive notifications and updates?

28 votes

Would it be possible to have a "community accepted" feature?

28 votes

Nicely discouraging serial upvoting

26 votes

Should I remove a wrong answer (Peer Pressure)?

26 votes

Should parasite behaviour be punished somehow?

25 votes

Consistently Answering your Own Questions

25 votes

We need to help non-English-speakers somehow

24 votes

Can the same badge be awarded two times in this situation?

24 votes

How can we be more tolerant of humor?

23 votes

New badge proposal based on number of profile views

23 votes

Should users be allowed to remove the "Possible Duplicate" links on closed questions?

21 votes

If your answer is right, but it's late, should you delete it?

20 votes

Why are people afraid of downvotes?

19 votes

Should questions with no accepted answers be charged "interest" after awhile?

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