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40 votes

Is the voting and reputation system sustainable? How can we improve it or maybe it should be replaced?

27 votes

Should the weight of question upvotes be increased network-wide?

19 votes

Can we have threaded comments?

18 votes

If we do something about the "sandmen" I might consider treating newbies with kid gloves

11 votes

Does the Code of Conduct apply to off-site interactions?

5 votes

Is it harder to write a good question or a good answer?

5 votes

Neopronouns or trolling?

4 votes

How to be nice (even when you don't want to) - The basics

4 votes

What purpose does Meta Stack Exchange serve for *you*?

4 votes

OK to comment I'm livestreaming an attempt to answer?

4 votes

What's the purpose of displaying username with reputation, when other users are supposed to vote on that post and not the user?

1 vote

Are there any objections to using singular they for everyone?

-2 votes

Does Fram's ban on Wikipedia seem similar to recent events? What can Stack Exchange learn from it?

-2 votes

Open hostility from SE staff towards the community - trying to understand it

-15 votes

Is there a good term/phrase to denote the "current events"?