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Full-Stack Web Developer

I have had about 5 years' experience working as a developer. I recognize myself as a self-motivated and hard-working person, and with a high level of responsibility, I always try my best to complete any project with the highest quality. To further sharpen my skill set, I am continuously acquiring new technologies and seeking more challenging jobs.

I have been practising both traditional and modern programming languages, namely JavaScript(especially VueJS) for web as well as React Native for mobile development. I also have experience working with partners around the world.

Technical Skills:

Programming Skills: Modern Javascript Frameworks(Vue, React), TypeScript, ES5, ESNEXT Database: SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB Others: Linux, AWS, Docker, Github, Jira,

My Responsibilities:

*Actively sought tough projects to develop programming and service skills.
Aided the team in updating company's website as well as doing presentations/training sessions in order to increase cost saving for the company.
Analysis and design of reservation system.
Attended software development trainings.
Back-end development for mobile applications.
Communication with the customers.
Conducting job interviews.
Conduct manual testing of Web applications (websites).
Daily database maintenance.
Designing the User Interface.
Developed software system to increase time efficiency among field agents whilst on the road, reducing clerical errors internally and ensuring updates were done on time.
Implemented and tested the effective new system that we built for the company.
Managing multiple databases in a highly scalable project.
Working with different student organizations to document information.
Work under pressure and to tight deadlines.*

What I will do

Help to build beautifully designed apps that work with our award-winning hardware

Work with the product team to create a seamless user experience

Build our own core apps and a foundation on which to create other tools for our users

I would create amazing projects that help color professionals and consumers demystify.

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