1. Retired (Unix applications development and support for multi-national/multi-site self-service web services with site caching within design-to-manufacturing organization; CAD/CAM; Plastic Product Design & Tooling; CNC programming for turboprop engine parts; sheet metal assembly process planning for turboprop engine parts).
  2. Disciplined and documented Linux Bash scripting for dependable Personal Desktop Linux implementation involving 4 disks, each of which have the following purposes:
  • 'Mega1' profile: primary Personal Desktop (production) platform.
  • 'Mega2' profile: backup/mirror host for 'Mega1'.
  • 'Midi' profile: test bench for beta trials of selected Distros with preferred tools suite and analysis planning for deploying/migration onto 'Mega1'.
  • 'Mini' profile: test bench for alpha trials of untried Distros (installs done with all other disks disconnected) prior to 'promoting' to 'Midi' for more in-depth testing/verification of suitability.
  1. Grappling with metabolic processes post-Myocardial Infarction (35% of heart muscle replaced by scar tissue).

  2. Grappling with metabolic processes and attempts at hormone replacement for full Thyroidectomy (full extraction of Thyroid due to cancer).

  3. Trying to locate portable/shareable Prolog predicate libraries to build interraction/simulation of metabolic elements and pharmaceuticals to improve/stabilize long-term outcome for conditions [3] & [4].

  4. Trying not to go crazy while being sealed in a "blockhouse" during this COVID-19 pandemic. Wait ... I've been driven to knit ... so I must be already crazy!

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