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I started at Withlacoochee River Electric Co-op, Inc., back in '94, as a programmer in the IT department. Up until recently, my primary duties were proprietary mainframe programming on Unisys and IBM mainframes in COBOL and RPG; with Excel, Python, SQL and Crystal Reports thrown in to keep things interesting.

Earlier this year, (February of '18), I was transferred to the Engineering department where my focuses are on AutoCAD, ESRI, SCADA, OMS, E&O and with the main focus currently on user defined Web applications; using the realm of Visual Studio, ASP.NET MVC, CORE/Razor, Azure, and Entity Frameworks, etc. My only "official" Web training was a week long Visual Studio class, (here at work), approximately 3 to 4 years ago with no use since then; so I'm basically starting from scratch.

Please bear with me and all of the newbie questions that I already know I will be asking.

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