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Is it necessary to downvote a question like this?
6 votes

The question, especially when originally posted, shows no research effort. Without even Googling I am confident there are autocomplete solutions out there. If the OP hasn't searched the Internet yet, ...

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What to do about wrongly edited code in answer?
Accepted answer
6 votes

The edit just code-ified the unformatted code. If you look back at the source of the original post, it read: This means that the ArrayList consists of objects that are of type Number. Since the ...

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Clicking "code" and copy/pasting xml (schema) displays only first line
2 votes

What happened was that only ended up indenting the first line of code. For code to show up properly every line needs to be indented by four spaces. What you can do instead is paste your code in, then ...

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As a developer and Stack Overflow user, do you want to prevent Stack Overflow from becoming another ExpertExchange?
0 votes

From where I sit the problem is that you're using `backticks` for your section headings, which makes no sense.

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