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Do you agree with Tim Berners-Lee's suggestion that the web has "not necessarily been serving humanity very well" - why or why not? https://apnews.com/794576f547f14d1f92b44c290a0ca2af

John Galt John Galt, Self Employed, Author (of works in progress) (2019-present) Answered Mar 27, 2019

His comment is as per his expectations and intentions.

I think he does not see the full picture and vision of the idea that he helped to create physical reality. A premature comment.

The Web is a genie that is out of the bottle. It is self-evolving and actually no one controls it. Users have a strong influence on its nature. The Govt agencies and the IT/Telecom giants are trying to impose control and direction. The y have an upper hand for now.

No one can predict where it is headed. It's human and digital interaction on a global scale.

We don't have a science for this. Not yet.

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