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Patrick Beynio
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I'm Patrick Beynio and I'm a full stack software developer. In my free time I deal with new software development techniques, sometimes play a PC, go kicking in the evenings or develop my own game engine.

I mainly play games in which you can automate like Factorio, Nimbatus, Minecraft or ActionRPG's like Diablo 3, Terraria or Warframe.

My path to software development started in school where I got to know the basic data types (int, string ...) and statements (if, while ...). During my school days I started with web development (PHP, JS, HTML, CSS) and thus to automate games (bot: D).

When it comes to software development, I'm particularly interested in software architecture, APIs and interop. As someone who has developed many projects with C # backends and web frontends, I am currently particularly looking forward to developing in the direction of web assembly and Blazor. In order to try and use the latest .Net and C # features like Blazor, I am often on the preview branch of Visual Studio. As a DevOps platform, I use GitLab privately.

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