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An Engineering leader with more than 15+ of experience designing, planning, and implementing web applications at scale. Led the architecture and implementation of key platforms that handles millions of records and involved in re-architecting and performance optimisation of multiple data-intensive applications.

Currently working as a Engineering Manager for multiple projects, managing and leading a team of more than 10+ resources including Architect’s, Developers and QA on Multiple technologies Front-end technologies like ReactJS, Javascript, back-end technologies like NodeJS and .NET using microservices architecture. Databases using MongoDB, Postgres, SQL Server.

  • Hands-on in ReactJS, Redux, NodeJS, .NET, Docker, SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB and AWS. Passionate about building and improving the Engineering Culture and Diversity.

  • Established a 15 member global Remote Engg Team from scratch consisting of Developers, consultants, QA and functional experts for Offshore Engineering Delivery.

  • Led the successful development and implementation of the new connectors (Skype, Jabber, Teams) for Jive application, thereby providing a cost savings of $1 million in ARR in license cost for the company.

  • Implemented DB partition strategy and necessary db indexes for the CRM web application thereby increasing the response / load time of the web page from a few min to 5 seconds.

  • Re-Architected the ETL processing of the Jive Data Analytics product thereby significantly reducing the run time from 15 hours to less than 30 min, thereby improving the performance by 10x

  • Supported and Enhanced the Mutual Fund Trading platform for Morgan Stanley that handles more than 350Bn USD Mutual Fund Transactions.

  • Designed and implemented Reconciliation Engine for credit card transaction processing for Bank of America; the application reported zero defects in production.

  • Managed and led a team of 5+ resources (developers , community managers and business strategists) for the A-List program for multiple NA / european customers; A-List program helped improve the product adoption by 2x.

  • Handled multiple customers across geographies (US, UK, Germany) for the delivery, Worked as Account / Customer Success Manager for 19 North American and European customers, significantly improving the product adoption and NPS score by 50%.

  • Led the delivery of 4 product implementations worth $2 million by handling a team of 15+ resources for multiple customers.

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