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Rostislav V. Lapshin
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  • Moscow, Russia

Rostislav V. Lapshin, Ph. D.
Staff Scientist, Solid Nanotechnology Laboratory

Scientific interests:
scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), atomic-force microscopy (AFM), scanning probe microscopy (SPM), optical profilometry (OP), infrared microscopy (IRM), high capacity probe storage devices (PSD), nanometrology, automatic surface characterization, nanolithography, nanomanipulation, nanoassembling, nanofabrication, molecular manufacturing, nanotechnology, catalytic nanoparticles (CNP), micromechanical bimaterial IR-detectors

1996 – present, staff scientist at the Institute of Physical Problems, Zelenograd, Russian Federation
1990 – 1996, researcher at the “Delta” Microelectronics and Nanotechnology Research Institute, Moscow, Russian Federation
1988 – 1989, engineer at the Moscow State Technical University named after N. E. Bauman, Moscow, Russian Federation

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