Paul van Jaarsveld

Mostly self taught, apart from some early lessons in Basic and Pascal. I understand programming logic and believe I can code in any language as long as there is a guide for the syntax. My background is I started in about 1989 with GW Basic, Pascal, bat files in DOS etc. Since 1997 I started using Linux, bash scripting, php, javascript (also jquery, jq ui mootools), html etc. My day often includes working with ruby on rails, ffmpeg, imagemagick, streaming webcams, node.js, apache and nginx. All these run on some form of Linux, normally Ubuntu or CentOS. I am also a live and studio sound engineer, photographer and videographer and have done desktop publishing and graphic design. I have built websites since about '98 on frontpage and plain text editors and started with Mambo in 2005 and now specialize building custom solutions for websites in Joomla and Wordpress. Nano is my editor on the commandline, and if I have a GUI, I like coding in notepad++ on Windows and on Linux I prefer kwrite. On Mac it's Sublime or Textwrangler.

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