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Ahmed Mamdouh
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  • Egypt

I have 9 years of experience in web scraping and web development. I've completed over 1000 jobs.

Main Skills ✅ Python programming Multiple threading, Multiple processing, SQL programming, Machine learning, Natural Language Processing, Big data processing, API, Django/Flask, Desktop GUI, Scraping

✅ Scraping/ Crawling/Mining - Ability to scrape up to 10 millions per day. Speciality:

  • scrapy
  • selenium
  • multiple threading
  • multiple processing
  • proxy: luminati, crawlera, fineproxy
  • splash

✅ Cross platform Desktop App python tkinter, kivy, pyqt, wxpython, pygame, C#, .NET, NW.js

✅ Automated Web Testing Selenium, unittest, pytest, nose

✅ Web Development: Django, Flask, Node.js, React.js, React Native, Vue.js, AngularJS

✅ Database PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, DB Tuning and SQL Optimization

Secondary Skills

  • VBA
  • Fortran
  • C#
  • Git, BitBucket, SVN
  • AWS, Digital Ocean, Heroku
  • D3, Highchart, Chart.js for Data Visualization

I can work 50 hours per week and I have fluent English communication skill. Looking forward to the opportunity to work with great clients.

Thanks for reviewing my profile.

Regards, Ahmed

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