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Many decades as a technical consultant.

  • Software development (mainly C, Java, DotNET, Rust. Old LISP and Perl fan, sh/bash/ksh/batch scripter. And maybe few very old things i'll never acknowledge any knowledge for. Never.)
  • DBA (Oracle, Ora 7 to 8 migration in the good ol'times, etc.)
  • Sysadmin (how boring it was... Except for *NIX. Seems better today with VM/VDI)
  • Network ops (mainly IP. Long long ago, suffered X25..)
  • Devops (swiss knife technical lead. Mounting 10 load balanced IIS for a 10 users ASP.Net SPA webapp with one of the most costly AWS class of RDBMS server was NOT my choice. But i was in.)
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