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10 votes

Web-based IRC for the Trilogy?

1 vote

What is the rationale behind the "no cursing" rule?

3 votes

Is it possible to share a tip on stackoverflow?

4 votes

RSS feed for favorite questions

2 votes

Requesting whole features implementations as answers to questions

7 votes

Can I prevent others from editing my question?

13 votes

Should there be a close option for questions regarding to some illegal activity?

36 votes

What's with all the rude comments recently?

0 votes

What should we do about questions marked correct that have obviously incorrect answers?

6 votes

Randomly reorder all answers posted within ten minutes of each other

1 vote

Search with number (like '401') will take you to a question

1 vote

How do you react to an apparently uninterested questioner?

11 votes

Should users answer homework questions?