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Showing Whole Threads in Answer-Review Section

Could we please show all the answers for a question when reviewing a late answer?

This can be helpful in a few ways:

  • I can quickly see whether the late answer is simply copying or paraphrasing an existing answer
  • I can tell whether up voting the answer will have a negative effect in relation to other equally good or better answers already given (i.e. the late answer gets a boost simply because it was late - I can't do this in good conscience)
  • I can tell that further action needs to be taken on the reviewed answer even though it appears legit (answer that was reviewed, almost duplicate answer from same person under same question)

Basically, for those who like to do their reviews properly it is going to mean we have all the info available to make a good decision on the answer. Note that these were just a couple of examples I picked up in the space of a few minutes.



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