In this question, I want to make this table:

Table with mutiline cells

Is there a way to make a table having many lines in a cell?

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    See this answer with all kinds of different formatting inside tables – Tomerikoo May 24 at 10:05
with HTML

Markdown for that table:

| | |
| yes,<br/>with HTML | |
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    Maybe add how to create an unordered list with html. it is not trivial and messy as you need to keep stuff on a single line. – rene May 24 at 10:22
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    PSA: In the new editor, this will break when switching between Markdown and RT modes. So, one needs to be extra careful with it until better support is (hopefully) added. – 41686d6564 May 24 at 11:04
  • @rene That's a matter of adding some <ul></ul> combinations, but the formatting starts looking really weird if you do that on SE. – Mast May 24 at 11:07
  • @Mast yeah. I know, I tried, I gave up when I added the 2nd cell and instead left a comment here. – rene May 24 at 11:28
  • @rene Well, to be fair, those aren't really unordered lists in the screenshot anyway. So, just using - would probably suffice. – 41686d6564 May 24 at 11:49
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    @41686d6564 but ... the semantic web ... oh fine – rene May 24 at 11:53
Feeling Bad About Feeling Bad (Self-Loathing)
  • Excessive self-criticism
  • Anxious/Neurotic behavior
  • Suppression of emotions
  • Engage in a lot of fake niceness/politeness
  • Feeling as though something is wrong with you
Feeling Bad About Feeling Good (Guilt)
  • Chronic guilt and feeling as though you don’t deserve happiness
  • Constant comparison of yourself to others
  • Feeling as though something should be wrong, even if everything is great
  • Unnecessary criticism and negativity
Feeling Good About Feeling Bad (Self-Righteousness)
  • Moral indignation
  • Condescension towards others
  • Feeling as though you deserve something others don’t
  • Seeking out a constant sense of powerlessness and victimization
Feeling Good About Feeling Good (Ego/Narcissism)
  • Self-congratulatory
  • Chronically overestimate yourself; a delusionally-positive self-perception
  • Unable to handle failure or rejection
  • Avoids confrontation or discomfort
  • Constant state of self-absorption
|**Feeling Bad About Feeling Bad (Self-Loathing)**<ul><li>Excessive self-criticism</li><li>Anxious/Neurotic behavior</li><li>Suppression of emotions</li><li>Engage in a lot of fake niceness/politeness</li><li>Feeling as though something is wrong with you</li></ul>|**Feeling Bad About Feeling Good (Guilt)**<ul><li>Chronic guilt and feeling as though you [don’t deserve happiness](https://markmanson.net/how-to-be-happy)</li><li>Constant comparison of yourself to others</li><li>Feeling as though something *should* be wrong, even if everything is great</li><li>Unnecessary criticism and negativity</li></ul>|
|**Feeling Good About Feeling Bad (Self-Righteousness)**<ul><li>Moral indignation</li><li>Condescension towards others</li><li>Feeling as though you deserve something others don’t</li><li>Seeking out a constant sense of powerlessness and victimization</li></ul>|**Feeling Good About Feeling Good (Ego/Narcissism)**<ul><li>Self-congratulatory</li><li>Chronically overestimate yourself; a delusionally-positive self-perception</li><li>Unable to handle failure or rejection</li><li>Avoids confrontation or discomfort</li><li>Constant state of self-absorption</li>/ul>|

See more: What HTML tags are allowed on Stack Exchange sites?

  • The other answer explains just fine how to achieve this. – Shadow Wizard Wearing Mask V2 May 26 at 10:29
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    but isn't that having the exact code is preferable? – Ooker May 26 at 10:34
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    @ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard The other answer doesn't have a link to more information and while it is correct, it does the bare minimum to answer the question. I think this answer is better. – ColleenV May 26 at 12:27
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    @Ooker If you want the lists center-aligned to match you image example, adjust the divider row below the header (|--|--|) to be |:--:|:--:|. – zcoop98 May 26 at 15:09

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