9 of 23 Updated to reflect the new "Improve Edit" and "Reject and Edit" buttons.

All Review Tasks

  • One (1) Moderator Action
  • Post Deleted Event
  • Post Locked Event

Close Votes

  • Three (3) Leave Open Actions
  • One (1) Edit Action
  • Post Closed Event
  • All Close Votes on the question become Retracted or Expired

Reopen Votes

  • Three (3) Leave Closed Actions
  • Post Reopened Event
  • All Reopen Votes on the question become Expired

Suggested Edits

  • Two (2) Approve Actions (Three on Stack Overflow)
  • Two (2) Reject Actions (Three on Stack Overflow)
  • One (1) Action from Original Poster
  • One (1) Edit Action (Improve Edit or Reject and Edit)
  • Edit Conflict (from Original Poster or User with Full Edit Privileges)
  • Rollback Event

Low Quality Posts

  • Six (6) Recommend Deletion Actions (for Answers)
  • One (1) Edit Action
  • One (1) Looks Good Action per Very Low Quality Flag on the Post*
  • Post Closed Event (for Questions)
  • Edit Event that makes the post no longer considered low quality

* Except where the system and a user cast a Very Low Quality flag, which only counts as one flag.

First Posts

  • One (1) Action of any kind

Late Answers

  • One (1) Action of any kind