Last year I started an open source project. I have like over 90% of spammers per day in my forum.

I'm considering having my questions answered on one of the Stack Exchange sites.

Which Stack Exchange site should I use if this is allowed?

Just for the record:

  1. The software is WarrantyTrack and is open source (available on SourceForge)
  2. I have an average of 100 queries per day - mostly spammers/bots.
  • I would suggest you rather find a better spam fighting/management solution for your forum. – Bart Jun 16 '12 at 12:18
  • @Bart Thank you for the thought but I honestly can't do anything better. I'm using phpbb and it's got all the magic in place. Fortunately (and unfortunately) I have even enabled confirmation for creating accounts and I have around 100 new accounts to verify. This is awful. Anyway, thanks for your inputs :) – itsols Jun 16 '12 at 12:29

In general we do not recommend that you use Stack Overflow as support for your projects.

See Jeff's answer to Is it okay to use Stack Overflow as the support forum for a product or project?

Also see the answers on: Use Stack Overflow as the official support site of an open-source project

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