When editing tag wiki for , I have noticed that there is already some text pre-filled in the edit window for that wiki. See Wiki for thread-dump tag - edit window.

But, this tag does not have any wiki yet and I do not remember filling in this text.

Q: Could it be a rejected wiki edit from some other user?

Q: Can you see it too? It this a bug or a feature?

I will edit the tag wiki anyway but I was just wondering where did this text come from.

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That is because the tag already has a tag wiki. The wiki got approved and the excerpt got rejected when the first user edited it. Tag wikis are only displayed when the tag also has an excerpt. If it doesn't have an excerpt but has a wiki, nothing is displayed. If it doesn't have a wiki but has an excerpt, the excerpt is displayed with no tag wiki.

Once an excerpt is added, the wiki will be displayed correctly on the info page.

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