Is it a good idea to show reputation without the +100 association bonus, in the new user's tab?

Specifically in smaller sites, not only would it be easier to visualize who is contributing the most to the community, but it also would facilitate the tracking of good recent answers which sometimes takes awhile to get visibility.


Maybe they should create a separate tab for new active users.


Using the Stack Exchange Data Explorer I wrote a query for helping emphasize potential new answerers:

Answer reputation rank from new users

The query returns a rank of top 10 new users* measured by reputation earned only in answers (+upvotes, +accepts, +bounties, -downvotes). This means it leaves everything else out (bonus association, rep from questions, rep from suggested edits, downvotes casted, bounties offered, etc.).

*New users are defined to be the ones in their first 'n' days in Stack Exchange, where 'n' is a parameter in the query.

Besides reputation from answers, it shows:

  • Count of answers, requiring at least two answers.
  • Answer reputation rate (total reputation from answers divided by the number of answers).
  • Proportion of the top answer's reputation in relation to total answer reputation (in %).
  • Proportion of reputation from bounties in relation to total answer reputation (in %).

All auxiliary columns have the objective of providing a better summary from new potential answer contributors to Stack Exchange. The objective of this query is to provide a more complete way (than the new users tab) to find, monitor and interact in a positive way with such users.

Here are some examples from today (8-Feb-2019):

  • In Stack Overflow, considering new users in their first 30 days of Stack Exchange, user taka ranked 1st in the query, earning 1096 reputation points in 34 answers, being 68.4% (750 rep) of them from bounties. Practically, a bounty hunter here.
  • In Cross Validated, considering new users with up to 1 year in Stack Exchange, user Brent Hutto ranked 7th with approximately 1k rep from answers, with 85.5% coming from his top answer, i.e., a successful hit. On the other hand, user Isabella Ghement who ranked first had only ~10% from her total answer reputation coming from bounties or her top answer. Looking at her profile we can see that almost all her answers (except 2) are positively scored.

With the many pending in Stack Exchange, I believe we can now turn this to a question.

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