I would like to split my accounts on the different StackExchange sites professional and personal ones. I plan to only use one account per site.

At the moment all my StackExchange accounts are connected with one StackExchange OpenID and an old myOpenID OpenID.

I read Is it possible to separate professional Stack Exchange accounts from personal ones? and What are the possible alternatives to maintain separate accounts for the 'Workplace' and 'Personal Productivity' sites? and understood, that I can split off the personal accounts if I associate them with another StackExchange OpenID.

Here is what I have tried, which did not work:

  1. Logged out of my old Stackexchange OpenID
  2. Made sure I am still logged in with my myOpenID OpenID
  3. Created a second SE OpenID with another e-mail address
  4. Went to my userpage on one of the subsites and removed the SE OpenID via my logins
  5. Clicked on add more logins, log in with StackEchange and Confirm New Login to add my new SE OpenID with the new email address

Then I clicked again my logins, but the new SE OpenID was not added.

What did I do wrong?

  • It's too bad this didn't get answered... I'm having the same issue. Commented Feb 24, 2016 at 13:57

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I checked again and all my accounts now have the two StackExchange OpenIDs connected with them.

If it was only a display bug or if a mod fixed this I cannot say.

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