The entire topbar should be fixed so that it scrolls down with the page.

Why is this not a duplicate of this question: I am asking we should have this functionality, I'm not looking for workarounds. This is both, a discussion and a feature-request.

People complain that it can be noisy. I disagree. For example, check this image. I just added two styles (position: fixed and width: 100%) and it doesn't look any noisy, but better. It's around 35px and has just six icons: not much noise, and just think what the fixed search bar can do! It can be really helpful.

a fixed AskUbuntu topbar

  • When scrolling down, you can "warp back" by pressing the Home button, but there's a reason why a lot of websites use this functionality.
  • It will help when reading long texts, especially when you're being active on multiple SE websites and/or questions.
  • It'll notify you of comments, answers, rep changes, etc. in real time when you're focussing on multiple SE websites and/or questions. As of now, you have to finish one page and then scroll all up to find any comments or answers on other questions.

We might skip this for mobile versions and smartphone apps of StackExchange.

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    I absolutely hate those things. With a passion. – Andrew Barber Sep 8 '14 at 7:47

if you want it so shall you have it

just do a userscript that includes this one line

.topbar { position: fixed; }

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