I noticed that some users are using the Stack Snippets for ruby, vb, java, php and other "things", even though implicit in the text fields the words html, css and javascript.

I suggested:

  • Change the icon to something more intuitive:


  • (If possible) Stack Snippets is allowed for questions with , , tags.

  • Show an alert if added something other than //.

I really do not know why they use the Stack Snippets in the wrong way, which can be? And how to make the most intuitive use?

Example of problem:

  • 4
    And C/C++, and C#, and, and, and... it could be made clearer that "snippet" stands for "executable JavaScript". I like option 2 / only enable the button when there's a JavaScript tag. Commented Jan 22, 2015 at 23:19


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