I have recently started using the official iOS Stack Exchange app.

So far I have received push notifications about comments in my answers or comments that mention me directly, but I am not getting any notifications about reputation changes or badges.

Should I expect these notifications or they are not a feature of this app?


You get push notifications from the iOS app for almost anything that adds an item to your notifications inbox. Your notifications exclude rep and badge changes (those are in the "achievements" inbox, next to it on the desktop interface).

That means you'll get notifications for:

  • answers to your question
  • comments on your posts
  • comments that mention you
  • chat mentions
  • moderator messages

etc. You won't get notifications for:

  • rep changes
  • new badges
  • edits made to your posts
  • bounty expirations
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    Also excluded are notifications about bounties (i.e. bounty about to expire), about edits made to your posts and maybe some more I forget about. – Shadow Wizard is Ear For You Sep 3 '16 at 10:33

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