Let's add the ability to opt-in to a notification when a post (question or answer) is 1) Edited, 2) Closed, 3) Reopened, 4) Some combination of those things. I think that single feature would address all of the following related questions and feature requests (some of these are marked as dupes of other questions/requests, in some cases IMHO incorrectly):

And this may be a bit related, but I don't think the OP wanted it to be opt-in:

We'd also need a way to opt out again having opted in.

It's a feature I'd find handy in various situations, such as voting to close a question which looks salvageable through editing, etc.

Fairly simple flow:

  1. Click a "watch" link or similar
  2. Get a dialog with checkboxes for what to watch
  3. Click OK
  4. The "watch" link becomes "unwatch" or similar; when clicked you're opted out again after confirmation

This differs from "favoriting" (the star on questions) in these ways:

  • Favoriting a question doesn't make you receive notifications when actions occur on that question
  • Your list of favorited questions is listed publicly on your profile (I would not want that for this feature)
  • The number of people favoriting a question is listed on the question (it wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing if the number of watchers were listed, but I don't see any real benefit to it, either)
  • You can't "favorite" an answer

I don't see changing how the "favorites" feature works to support the above; favorites is too mature and already widely-used in its current form.

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    In my experience, favorites don't work well for checking for updates to a thread. This feature would work better than those, and there can't be complaints about the number of pings. +1 here. – M.A.R. Jan 10 '17 at 11:39

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